Human Resources

Behind the achievements of Power Paint; there are powerful organizational culture and principles which are adopted by the staff; hence, the general policies which have been prepared for the employees on the purpose of carrying out their duties ideally are based on the summarized principles below:

  • Occupational environment and conditions are provided for all employees without any kinds of discrimination in which they can use their skills and abilities.
  • Sufficient amount of salary and other extra opportunities appropriate with the market and today’s conditions are provided.
  • Employees are supplied with training and internship opportunities that ensure their occupational development and raise their success.
  • As part of carrier planning, employees who fulfil the necessities of an upper stage are promoted.
  • Within mutual trust, sympathy and communication, a basis is formed for new opinions and solutions are found for problems.
  • Systems encouraging success and excellence are established.

The principle that the first requirement of success is to show respect human and human dignity is embraced; the most valuable factor of a permanent organization is believed to be the human resource and its development.

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