Frequently Asked Questions

Powder coating film density is done with truly adjusting powder paint gun, gun number and position, nozzle type and robot’s movement. Moreover, the design of powder coating cabin is also another important factor determining the density and quality of paint.

Pickling has got the same importance as it does in wet coating. The pickling and phosphatizing or chromatizing for aluminium of the material to be painted will enhance the perfection of paint quality.

Both wet paint and powder coating have the same pickling systems before painting. A truly installation of both systems invade the same size of place.

It is beneficial for the firm to work with experienced and trained qualified staff  in terms of serial errors not to occur regarding process flow system’s operating without errors, quality control criteria, customer satisfaction, coating film density and corrosion resistance.

Powder coating is an easy-to-use, operator friendly and environmentalist operation. The practise of powder coating is more simple than traditional painting systems. It doesn’t create problems such as leaking, dripping and collapse.

The productivity usage of Powder Coating is nearly 100%. The surplus sprayed paint is collected with recovery system and used again. That’s why, it is more economical.

Easy automatization: Three important factors making powder paint very suitable for automatic plants: – The Powder Coating, in which electrostatic is installed, stick totally on the material to be painted with its “static” effect.

Perfect Coating – Polymerisation of powder enables paint to stick and cling on to material during ripening. This ultimate coating displays perfect durability against abrasion,corrosion,chemical effects and impacts.

Protection of the Environment: Oil based products(solvents) are not found in powder coating,which is an environment friendly process. Not only does this protect the environment but also labour’s health. It is just enough for a painter to wear a powder mask.

The reasons for Powder Coating Systems’ operating economically: – The surplus sprayed paint is used again. – There is no need to prepaint. -The Powder Coating is used as how it is bought from its producer.  There is no need to premix or prepare. – There is no need to use mixed flow; all ambient air is filtered and then exhaled inside ambient again.

It is the transfer of paint particles onto the grounded material by charging very low 07 mA and very low direct current. There is no possibility of electricity shock in the system like the other electrical hand tools (drill engine etc.).

When paint goes out of the paint gun, it is charged with (-) electricity. It follows the hooked effort distances on the surface of the material that is grounded with painting. The paint particles are hauled onto the material according to the ‘opposites attract each other’ principle; however, since they are in the same polar, they provide homogenous distribution by pushing one another. Thereby, they decrease the possibility of leaking and dripping to almost non-existent level.

It is a coating method which does not contain solvent. The coating material is a very thin powder paint particles forming the last paint layer. Powder Coating, is sprayed inside paint cabin via special paint guns. When they pass inside the gun, grounded with electrostatics coating powder particles, paint powder particles are clung to the material to be painted inside the cabin and finally coating process will occur.

The material should be grounded very well in order that the powder paint clings totally to the surface of the material.  The surplus sprayed paint is collected with the help of recovery system inside the cabin and put into place again. Paint recovery system is one of the greatest economical advantages of the electrostatic powder paint system. After the material is coated with powder coating, it goes into kiln. The 200 Cº kiln heat gets powder paint melted and clung on material.

In the end; a very durable, economical, environment friendly, wide range coloured and bright coating is obtained. Its being solvent-free, surface quality, durability, paint recovery system, economic and environmental conscience make electrostatic powder paint a more attractive alternative than traditional paint processes.